Nobody should be your Governor!

Posted on Oct 11, 2019 | 2 comments

Well, the people of Keene have spoken, and clearly they prefer to see me as Governor than as Mayor.

Therefore, I am announcing my run for Governor today.

Major things that Nobody will do when Nobody is Governor:

  • Order the State Police and National Guard to oppose enforcement of all unconstitutional gun laws in New Hampshire
  • Pardon every non-violent drug conviction in New Hampshire history!
  • Pardon every non-violent, consensual prostitution conviction in New Hampshire history
  • Pardon every gambling conviction in history!
  • Release list of crooked cops
  • Zero tolerance for Law Enforcement misconduct


  1. If Nobody can succeed in accomplishing at least one of the above-listed plans, then Nobody is on the right path towards restoring what everybody has lost, personal freedom. It is a shame there is only Nobody championing for these common-sense ideas in the field of Politics, where everybody is vying for the position for personal gain, a stepping stone for something even grander.
    Nobody needs your support. Nobody is fighting for, what everybody claims to be true, that America is the land of the free. If that were truly the case then Nobody wouldn’t give a damn about running for Office, for his agenda wouldn’t need to be fought for.

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    • All true! For those who want to help make this happen, money is the easy way!

      Send me a gift at

      Also, join the social media groups, and repost as many posts from this blog as possible!

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