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Nobody should rule you ... but you.

A fine endorsement today from the Union Leader:

Keene’s Nobody: Surely, he can beat apathy by a nose

Aug 24, 2019

Given some of the past fields of political candidates, we always thought the option of “none-of-the-above” would win more than once if included on a ballot. That option may have won a New Hampshire Republican congressional primary back in the 1970s in a field so weak that John Adams came in first. (It wasn’t THE John Adams but the speculation is that voters were hoping against hope.)

Given the candidate options in Keene for a coming municipal election, it’s just as well that “none-of-the-above” won’t be listed. How would voters ever decide between “none” and Nobody?

A Keene man, having legally changed his name to Nobody, says he is running “because Nobody knows how to run your life better than you do. Nobody deserves that kind of power, and Nobody tells the truth anymore, and I want to be that guy.”

(Note to DNC: Surely Nobody deserves a seat at your next presidential debate.)

He didn’t say it yet but clearly, his slogans will include an affirmation that Nobody can fight city hall. As for a campaign song, it must be, it has to be, “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen.”


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Original Article

Five more people have filed for Keene city positions — including a mayoral contender with an unusual name.

Nobody, formerly known as Rich Paul, filed for mayor early Wednesday morning, though the paperwork wasn’t posted with the other declarations on the city’s website until Thursday.

A YouTube video posted Wednesday on the Free Keene blog shows him in a court hearing to legally change his name to Nobody. In the video, he tells the judge he is changing his name out of “a combination of performance art and protest.”

In a text message this morning, he wrote that “the system is broken, and Nobody can fix it.

“Nobody cares about the poor, Nobody will end the wars, Nobody will end the genocidal war on drugs,” he continued.

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Nobody wants to be Keene Mayor!

Posted on Aug 23, 2019

Original Article

KEENE — Nobody wants to become the next mayor of Keene.

“I’m running because Nobody knows how to run your life better than you do, Nobody deserves that kind of power, and Nobody tells the truth anymore, and I want to be that guy,” said the candidate named Nobody.

Free State activist Nobody, who legally changed his name from Rich Paul earlier this summer, is in the running to become Keene’s next mayor.

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Nobody Fights The State, and Wins!

Nobody Fights The State, and Wins!

Posted on Aug 2, 2019

Nobody, your humble narrator, was handed a major victory today. Thanks in large part to excellent representation by my Public Defender, Robin Pisan, the State chose to drop three charges against me, one for Disobeying an Officer, one for driving on a suspended registration, and one for driving on a suspended license. I was not guilty of any of these offenses, the first was a case of mistaken identity, and the other two were not violations of the law, because driving on suspended whatever is only a crime when you know your license is suspended — or in legal jargon, the “Knowingly” mental state. In my case, I had not been in Keene, where I live, for months, and thus had not received any mail about my license.

But that does not mean that Justice has prevailed in these cases. Quite the opposite. Massive harm was done to me by the false arrests. It cost me thousands of dollars, and much undue pain and suffering.  These arrests should never have been made. These charges should never have been brought. There was never sufficient evidence to make out the elements of the crime. The officers and prosecutors should have known that. They probably did know that. But their habit is to bring those cases they think they can win, even against innocents.

Innocents are regularly coerced into plea deals that put them in jail or prison by prosecutors who threaten them with even more draconian penalties should they dare to exercise their right to due process of law.  Where once the Justice system operated by the maxim that it was better for 100 guilty men to go free than for one innocent to be imprisoned, today the Just-Us system strives for the maximum penalty it can extort from its victims, regardless of their guilt or innocence.  The prosecutors are judged not on the justice of their discretion, but on the number of victims they can destroy.

This manifest injustice was struck home to me when I was in jail, and a fellow prisoner returned from court.  He had been arrested for assault, and claimed self-defense.  He did not have money to bail himself out.  And the prosecutor had told him “If you plead guilty, you will serve 30 days.  If you plead not guilty, you will be held until your trial, which commences in 45 days”.  Being acquitted would have resulted in 15 additional days in jail for him.  So he took the plea.

Does anybody care about this manifestly unjust system?  Nobody cares! And Nobody is going to do something about it!

So join the Cause, and Elect Nobody!

We are ready, now, to start the campaign in earnest, and we need volunteers, money, and above all, visibility!

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Elect Nobody!

Posted on Jul 26, 2019

Nobody knows how to fix the economy.
Nobody knows how to fix our foreign policy.
Nobody knows how to eliminate the national debt.
Nobody knows that #TaxationIsTheft

Elect Nobody!
Because Nobody knows how to live your life better than you do,

and Nobody deserves that kind of power!

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