Nobody Enters Keene Mayoral Race

Posted on Aug 21, 2019 | 0 comments

Elect Nobody! Elect Nobody!

At this time the campaign is totally volunteer and not accepting campaign contributions.  However, you may send Paypal to – everything sent to that address from now through the election will be given to Nobody.  Remember, your donations are going to Nobody and are not campaign contributions.

At this time, the campaign is decentralized.  Meaning, if you want signs for your yard, please do make them and put them up!  There are some designs online and we will be releasing a design soon.

A wallet has been created to hold donations to Nobody. Although these are not campaign contributions, Nobody may spend at least as much money as received here on the campaign.

Cryptocurrency gifts can be sent to:

Bitcoin Cash: qqvrjk5png9nuzavjgasgut8qeylhaqjxujksmccfx
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Bitcoin: 1F1GeRcjz1t352xZZubqGReiEqeTV6uUQL

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Dash: XuiQzXbCwb5JSNKHW8ueKcQVpaA9mCgCsT

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